Prayer First FAQ’s

What is PrayFirst?
PrayFirst is a 21-day devotional series with a prayer focus.

When does PrayFirst begin?
It begins on Monday, January 9th and runs through Sunday, January 29th.

Is PrayFirst for me?
Yes! If you desire to start 2023 with a focus on spiritual development, this is for you.

Who else is participating in PrayFirst?
Church United has put together 21-days worth of scripture, devotional thoughts, prayer prompts and encouraging videos for christians across South Florida. Bible believing christians in our region will be participating along with our own church family here at New Covenant.

How can I access the PrayFirst devotions?
The best way is through the YouVersion Bible App on your phone or mobile device. Click here to access the reading plan or search for “Abide, Ask, Follow” on the Bible App. Then choose “Start This Plan” to join the entire South Florida christian community.

If you do not have access to the YouVersion Bible App, you may download a PDF version of the 21 PrayFirst devotionals on our website.

Once I access the YouVersion reading plan, how do I participate in PrayFirst?
You can participate by opening your YouVersion Bible App on Monday morning, January 9th, and starting the Abide, Ask, Follow reading plan. Read the scripture and devotional, watch the video, and spend a few quiet moments in prayer. Continue this each day for the rest of the month until the final day of the series on January 29, 2023.