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Justice & Mercy Partners

New Covenant is here to bring Wholeness to South Florida, and CREATE opportunities to make a difference in our city and the world through the tangible love of Christ. As the Gospel equips and transforms us, our responsibility to the marginalized, the poor, the overlooked, and the forgotten becomes a direct expression of our faith.

We partner with local and global nonprofit organizations dedicated to seeking justice and mercy through unique and specific areas of need. As a Church, we are committed to providing prayer, people, and financial provision to every ministry partner.

P4H Global

P4H Global is a nonprofit that is redefining the way the world sees and engages in aid. They strongly believe that sustainable development requires the empowerment of local leaders and are committed to training people to transform nations. P4H accomplishes their mission through various training programs:

1. Providing indigenously led, high-quality Teacher Training in developing countries.

2. Partnering with Americans to provide Impact Trips that focus on sustainable development and methods of effective aid in an international context.

3. Equipping individuals and organizational leaders with tools to create sustainable change through the P4H Master Class

To learn more about the work that P4H is accomplishing, click HERE!

Every Mother’s Advocate

Ema, Every Mother’s Advocate, is located in South Florida and exists to advocate for every mother in crisis to achieve lasting stability for their families. Utilizing evidence-based and trauma-informed models, Ema provides social support, education, and advocacy to mothers at-risk.

Vision: We imagine a world where mothers and children are no longer separated for preventable causes but empowered to break generational cycles of poverty with equal opportunity to raise their children in nurturing and stable homes.

To learn more about Ema, click HERE!

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