A King, a Battle, and a Prayer: The Battle Belongs to the Lord

We often find ourselves thinking that we are on the fence with God. This occurs because sometimes we just don’t know how much of the world is too much of the world. Turning over our fears and anxieties to the Lord is often a challenge. We are encouraged to turn our weaknesses into strengths and letting God go before us to fight these battles of indecision, right and wrong, and anxiousness in our lives. The biblical king Jehoshaphat found himself in this situation of leaning toward God, but away from God as well. He learned that he wasn’t where he needed to be. He didn’t know what to do, but remembered to always keep his eye on God. When his enemies were encamped around him, he called on the Lord to intervene. He turned his weakness into strength and desperately cried out for God’s help. Suggesting that God would not turn his face against the innocent women and children, he cried out that God should keep His promise of never forsaking those who cry out to Him. The response was miraculous and an example for us today to never go into these battle areas of our lives without God. God’s response was, “The battle is not yours, Jehoshaphat, but mine. Take your position and stand firm, for I will be with you”. We must learn to let God fight our battles. We must learn to take our position and stand firm. We must face our fears and know that God is there to take up our case. Bowing in humility and worship to the Lord, Jehoshaphat saw his enemies turn on them-selves and Israel was saved.

When faced with similar experiences in our lives, do you call on the name of the Lord and know that He will go before you, or do you run away in fear? The character of a Christian who trusts in the Lord will always call on the name of the Lord to fight his/her battles. For “the battle belongs to the Lord”.