Adoption, the highest privilege

Social media today has indicated that the church is unnecessary for making lasting relationships. The New Testament indicates that Christians should confirm and seal their personal commitment to Christ through the public action of baptism and becoming part of the church. Membership is that seal that the body of Christ is the communion of the Holy Spirit which means that we fellowship one with another, eye to eye, bone to bone. Relationships are the key to happiness. A relationship with the Father expresses to us that we are sons adopted by God for His joy and happiness. God has chosen us, not only to know forgiveness of sins, but to be received as sons and daughters of the most high God, and joint heirs with His Son Jesus. This is the joy of coming to the church and being a part of God's special family. To be truly converted and receiving of grace, we must recognize that we have been adopted by God. This adoption indicates to us how much God loves us. We are that important to God. The best part of true conversion is not just the saving part, but the Kingdom part as well that's coming. It all starts with respecting and participating in the living breathing church of Jesus Christ.

Do you find your church to be the place of fellowship for your primary relationships in your life? If you are hesitant to answer this question "yes", I would challenge you to consider how important the physical, living, breathing church is to you. God says it is essential for us to appreciate our adoption by God for His glory.