Holy Spirit in You

The day of Pentecost, 50 days after the resurrection of Christ, signifies the birth of the Church. Pentecost is the culmination of what was waited for so that the Church wouldbe empowered for ministry throughout the world.

As in a perfect storm scenario, the attributes of Pentecost have three components, each one unique in its own right. First, the outpouring of God's Spirit like a mighty rushing violent wind suggests the omnipotent power of God. Secondly, tongues of fire that rest upon each one bring a sense of personal involvement and intimacy to the believer. It is

a theophany, a visible manifestation of the invisible God, evidence of a transcendent God of the universe now imminent, a personal Advocate for each believer for the work of the ministry to know God personally, representing the omnipresence of God. Thirdly, con-cluding in the phenomena of speaking in tongues (languages) heard among every creed, race, and nation so that we now can know God, representing the omniscience of God.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of empowering the Church for its ministry throughout the world now establishes the Church in its beginning to be unstoppable and unconquerable. The day of Pentecost truly is the birth of the Church.