Bridging the Gap

We often feel abandoned, alone in this vacuous universe, where there can be no sensation of the presence of God. We are an extremely empirically oriented people. If we can’t see it, touch it, or feel it, we don’t believe it’s real. We have lost any connection with the other dimension, a supra-natural realm. In Jacob’s dream, he saw a ladder between heaven and earth where the angels were ascending and descending. The ladder is the connecting link between the super-natural realm and the natural world, between earth and heaven. Jacob said, “This is the place of God, and I didn’t know it”. For there to be access between heaven and earth, between God and us, there has to be a bridge, there has to be a ladder. There must be a conversion experience with Jesus that bridges the gap and becomes the connecting link between these two realms.

We have lost touch with the holy, and we often live as if there is no God. We may say that we believe in God, but in practice we doubt His presence in our lives. That is, we live as if there is no God because we don’t know how to connect. We don’t know how to bridge the gap between this world and the heavenly places. That’s why Christ is so important, because He puts His feet and arms and a face to the invisible nature of God. In the Incarnation, the cross and the resurrection, this seemingly unbridgeable chasm is now bridged, and we have access through Him to go beyond this world and behind the veil to experience the presence of God.

Is your walk with Jesus occasional (like only when attending church), or is your relationship with Jesus a daily “ascending and descending Jacob’s ladder” that is your permanent connection to God in living your life? Has walking with Jesus bridged the gap between your world and His Kingdom?