Keeping the Cross in View

Palm Sunday marks a special event in the life of the Church.  Zechariah 9 prophesied  that a King would be coming in Zion.  He would be met with both triumph and tragedy. Triumph in the fact that all kings who entered into a city at this time in history would be greeted with customary palms or clothing that would be laid before the path of the king's entrance. This goes back to Judah Maccabeus who in 164 BC conquered the Syrians and prevented them from overthrowing Jerusalem completely. The preservation of the law of Moses was pro-found in that the Pharisees would rise up to now continue temple worship in Jerusalem. However, many were confused about who this Jesus was. Being led by His disciples, Jesus made His descent down the Mount of Olives, crossing the Kidron Valley, and entered through the Eastern Gate of the now Old City of Jerusalem. The tragedy of it all is that it would be short-lived because Jesus did not come with the intention to overthrow Rome or any other earthly kingdom. He came to give life for those who would believe in His Father in heaven, and for those who would believe, they would never perish, but have everlasting life.   We face similar tragedies like this one in our lives as today we still debate the identity of this Jesus. Jesus will never give up on the lost, and His entrance into one's life comes when it's least expected. Do you know Him? Do you know that the King has come to you and has presented His message for you to receive as hope and freedom for the future? "All Hail King Jesus. Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!"