Discovering God's Will for You

Knowing God’s will is a lifelong journey that begins when we recognize the person of Christ within us. To please God requires a discovery into the realm of God that will change your life and give it the purpose we all desire. Understanding the will of God is like climbing a ladder, in that each rung brings us to a deepened walk with God. First, there is discovery in the will of God where your life’s priorities change. When you discover the will of God for your life, your perspective begins to change. Discovery will lead you to want to do the will of God, but doing the will of God is only satisfying when you have a longing desire for the will of God. Each of these levels is a progression in the life of the believer. It would be hard to start with desire without doing the will of God, and it would be hard to have a passion to do the will of God without the discovery of God’s will for your life. Knowing

God’s will is not accomplished out of our sense of duty but because of desire.


Discovery, doing, and desiring are all components of understanding the will of God. As King David wrote, “In the scroll of the book it is written of me, I delight to do your will, oh God” (Psa. 40:7-8). Let God instill in you today a deep passion to discover, do, and desire His will for your life.