Receive the Greater Blessings

The principle of back to basics with first things first means that if God is first in your life, then everything will come into order. God has to be first for there to be order in your lie. God is a God of order. This is the principle that runs throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation. God chose the tithe which in Hebrew means 10% because it is fair to everyone. Did you know that every time you get paid, or receive income, there is a test you take? The question on the test is the same every time. “Who are you going to thank for your income?” Your answer is given by how you release the 10% of your income. When you release it to God first, you are stating who you will thank, and who you will worship. Some people thank their power company first, some their Visa, Master, Discover, or AMEX card. Here is the problem:  These companies cannot and will not bless your finances. The cable company cannot bless your finances. Giving your money is not a legalistic ritual but a desire to honor God with what is His. Non-tithers say, “I cannot afford to tithe.” That becomes their testimony. However, you will never be able to afford to tithe until you tithe. Why? Because tithing is what breaks the curse in your finances and rebukes the one who devours them. People who tithe consistently say, “We are so blessed. Everything changed when we began to tithe.”Tithing is an ordinary principle of behavior for God’s people to thank Him for their income. Tithing when neglected places us under the curse of the spirit of Mammon, which is our wealth and riches. Jesus said you cannot serve God and Mammon. When a person tithes, we say to God that we believe that 90% of our income goes further with God’s blessing than 100% without. Tithing is biblical. Tithing is a blessing. Tithing is a test. Receiving the greatest blessings from God comes to us from God when we order our lives first to give back to God what is already His.