“I AM the Way, Truth and Life”

:: CHALLENGE POINT ::          


Today is the 15-year anniversary of the disaster of 9/11. Many people here in our church were indirectly affected (as I was) when a friend of mine who had talked to a friend of his who was on the roof of the north tower just before it collapsed. It was a very emotional call as you can imagine. We have all been affected by that day in some way. I couldn't help but think that just after 9 AM in the morning, as I was preparing to leave for the office that day, how a catastrophe like this would hit the families of the people who had been instantly destroyed. But I also thought that if there were believers among those who perished, and I'm sure there were, that as quickly as they died, they were in heaven.  If they were believers, they could not die. Yes, they died biologically, but biological death doesn't disturb the continuity of living in a personal existence for God in eternity. This is what Jesus said--Once a person believes in Christ, the life of Christ is poured into the soul of that person, and that life is eternal. Everyone who is in Christ has already begun to experience eternal life. We are never going to die. We will go through the transition of physical death, but that death cannot destroy the life that Christ has given to us. Let’s keep this in mind when we think of the tragedy of 9/11.


Bad things happen to both good people and bad people. The world is broken and in a fallen state. Only the confession of our faith in Jesus Christ will guarantee a continued life in an eternity with God. To not want that for our lives is to suggest that this life is good enough. This life alone and without God is not good enough. It's fleeting, it's futile, it's failing, and it only gives the illusion of peace and happiness. Without God and the confession of our faith, we are hopeless. Paul said that without Christ we are to be the most pitied of people.  Your life in Christ is full, triumphant and expectant of greater things ahead. Let’s focus this thought to the victory we have in a life knowing Christ.