I AM the Good Shepherd


Many Christians wrestle with fears that they might lose their salvation. You may wonder, "Can I really say, once I'm in grace, I'm always in grace?" I would respond by saying, "If you have it, you never lose it; if you lose it, you never had it”, because that's what Jesus teaches us in the New Testament. Jesus promised that He will keep all of His sheep secure; no one can rip them away from Him.


A while back I took my grandson Oliver to see the trains across the street from the church. This can be a dangerous railroad track because some of the trains come through very fast. They don’t slow down to let people off and travel through at a high rate of speed. There were two ways I could protect my grandson. I could reach out my hand and say, "Now listen, hold on tightly to my hand, because if you let go you could fall onto the tracks and be killed." Or I could say, “Give me your hand," and I take his hand and hold on to him. Thus, the father holds onto the son rather than the son holding on to the father. Which is the better method? Jesus said no one can snatch His sheep out of His hand. We are secure, not because we hold tightly to Jesus, but because He holds tightly to us. He said, "Every one of my sheep will have eternal life. They will never perish for I'm going to see to it. I give them eternal life, and nobody will snatch them out of my hand." This is a tremendous promise that gives us great comfort, and it is a promise only God could make. However, Jesus repeats this promise. He said, "No one is able to snatch them out of My Father's hand." So are the sheep held in the Son’s hand or the Father's hand? The answer is simple, both. Jesus went on to say, "I and the Father are one".


This is the devotion that God and Christ have for you and me. What kind of devotion do we have for them? Is God your highest priority in your mind? Our priorities should always begin with God. How would you categorize your priorities? Unfortunately, with our corporate mindset both in the church and out of the church, it has become very difficult to put God first in most anything. A good arrangement of our priorities should look something like this: God, family, church, then profession/

occupation. If we as Christians struggle with this arrangement of our priorities, then it is no wonder that the church is less and less relevant in our society today. 

Jim Letizia