Empowered to Act


50 days after the resurrection of Christ comes the day of Pentecost, a monumental day in the life of the new church. It is recorded in the book of Acts written by the disciple Luke, and would probably be better titled the Acts of the Holy Spirit rather than the Acts of the apostles. Jesus gave the Great Commission to His disciples just before He ascended to heaven, and promised them that the Holy Spirit would come when they would receive power to be His witnesses, bearing witness about Him as the Christ. They would be empowered to act. Where? In Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts

of the earth. 

Acts is an experiential book, a spiritual journey with God. It gives the essence of vision for people to live their lives beyond the culture that they are in, or in the social environment that they are engaged in. For a Christian, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit allows us to interpret our life experiences through the eyes of a God who is personal and involved in our everyday living and circumstances. However, we must understand that as Christians we are always to interpret our experiences through the Scriptures and not interpret the Scriptures through our experiences. The empowerment of the Holy Spirit does not give us the right to interpret Scripture the way we feel it should be interpreted because of how we feel, or what we think we experienced (thus interpreting wrongly most often), because that will be a sure way to miss God.

How sensitive are you to spiritual things? Do you ever sense a sweetness in your soul to the sweetness of God? If yes, then you have had some exposure to a divine and supernatural illumination of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us a new hunger and thirst for the satisfaction of our souls. 

Jim Letizia