Church on a Mission


The essence of vision for NCC is to live in love and grace through the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the spiritual change that it brings and the life it causes us to live in the world. This is where we begin, just as the new Church in the first century started. Redefining the purpose for the law and the life that Jesus encouraged us to live was difficult for the religious leaders to grasp. It's like something we learned to do, thinking it was right, that we now need to unlearn because it's wrong. The apostle Paul's conversion is a great example of someone having to relearn what they thought was right only to find out that everything had to change. This could only be accomplished through a divine revelation of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit moving through the apostle Paul. In a similar way we must come to grips with the change that the gospel must make in us in order for us to have a great commission vision, where we are commanded by Jesus to go out and make disciples.  In many ways you can say that we must go deeper with God than ever before, because superficial understanding is not what God intended when telling us that we must go out and make disciples.

Ask God to give you courage to speak of Him whenever possible.

Ask God to give you a passion for His Word.

Ask God to give you a relationship with, and your identification in, the cross of Jesus Christ.

Ask God to give you a hunger and thirst for presenting the gospel of Jesus to the unbelieving, unsaved, lost communities around us.


Let's pray that these four critical requirements and disciplines of the Great Commission Church to permeate our lives.

Jim Letizia