Living on the Edge

What Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection was the death of death. Through His sacrifice at the cross,  not only was He crucified, but so was death. The death of death may seem extreme, but this concept is a key element in the Christian life. Jesus conquered death so that we could live. I know that does not compete with our 70-inch TV. It doesn’t compete with the riches and desires for the world, nor the lust of the flesh and the pleasures of life. But the death of death was guaranteed by Christ upon His sacrifice on the cross, that we would never die, and ultimately enjoy eternal life with God. Don’t find your only happiness here in this world like the rich man did, but know that even the beggar like Lazarus has a place in God’s Kingdom because of his faith to believe God. We don’t know how Lazarus believed God that insured his salvation, but he was in the bosom of Abraham. He was enjoying God’s Kingdom. The rich man knew that he had failed and was wrong in his thinking in refusing to repent. He was trapped by the world and his lust for the pleasure of this world. Where are you today? What is important to you? What is it that drives you? Repent, Jesus said, for the kingdom of heaven is near. Keep your eyes focused on the Kingdom that is outside of this world. Don’t be deceived. Our reward awaits those who trust in the Lord. To be a Christian is to look beyond our worldly pleasures, as compelling as they are for us, and love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Oh to know God and His Christ, what eternal happiness awaits those who believe.

Jim LetiziaComment