Seeing What God Sees

Making disciples and understanding the call and cost of discipleship are the most important ministries that Jesus executed before going to the cross; and as well after the resurrection and before His ascension, He made the same claims to the disciples to go into the world and make disciples. Therefore, the call and cost of discipleship requires knowledge and understanding of Jesus's ministry of sharing the gospel message with the world. The problem with many Christians is that we think that worshiping the Church is what Jesus had in mind when He sent out His disciples to change the world.


Jesus never intended us to worship the Church, but to build the Church. What exactly should the Church be doing? We’re now defining the Church not as the building with crucifixes, sacred music, and looking like a historical museum. No, the answer that Jesus gives to us is the same message that Jesus gave to the first century Church when He first spoke these words, "Go into the world and make disciples." The Church has but one mission. It is the mission that characterized Jesus's ministry on earth, and it is the mission that He left to the Church when He returned to His Father.


Our mission on this planet is spelled out in the "Great Commission." We are called to spread Christ's rule on the earth through making disciples.

Jim LetiziaComment