"Does Righteousness Pay?”


In fictional writings a common technique seems to always occur. The good guy is led into a problem circumstance that needs rescuing, which does occur, only to be interrupted again by some further drama of hardship and anguish. The cycle repeats several times before the glorious ending appears. Masters of this technique are people like author Robert Ludlum, George Lucas

or Stephen Spielberg. The story of Joseph is much like this; however, there is no fiction involved. God uses these real historical characters and their real life experiences to teach us about God’s ways and not our ways. There is no fiction here, but experiences that each of us go through in our lives. Joseph’s supposed crime involves circumstantial evidence. The first one was when his brothers presented evidence of a coat drenched in blood to cover up their crime selling Joseph to slavery. But now things take another turn for the worse. Joseph is described as being handsome in form and appearance and his master's wife cast longing eyes on Joseph. This is one of the most distracting attempts of seduction that we read anywhere in Scripture. If ever a young man was vulnerable to temptation, it is Joseph. And we have to ask, what restrained him from giving in? First, there was the grace of God, and the presence of God. Second, there was Joseph's commitment and loyalty to his earthly master, Potiphar. And third and certainly not least was Joseph's own personal integrity.

Does righteousness pay? Now how does God reward Joseph for his obedience? The simple answer is, he had him thrown in prison and not executed. You might come to the conclusion from reading the story that righteousness doesn't pay. It reminds me of the apostle Paul, who was no stranger to the ancient jail system of his day. Paul spent a lot of time in prison and every time he was there, it was on false charges. Yet, his greatest work I preaching the gospel was through his epistles which last for us today. As the apostle says of his own life, “I have learned how to abound and I have learned how to be abased and I have learned whatever state I am in therein to be content.”

And that's what we find manifested in the character of Joseph. Righteousness does Pay!!  God  will use all of our circumstances for His will in our lives. To some things we are tempted to do, God just says, “NO”. The world will tell you otherwise. Count on it!