The Prophetic Future


Can we live our lives in the knowledge that God has gone before us to set us up in a vocation given to us by God? That’s how we should view every opportunity we encounter. God has gone before us. Even if we think we made a wrong turn because we selfishly abandoned God’s vocation for us, God will always bring us back to where He wants us to be. In our culture we have lost the very sense of vocation (the word comes from the Latin word "to call".)  Today in the Christian world the only vocation we seem to recognize as a divine calling is a call to the ministry. During the Reformation in the 16th century, the reformers reminded the Church that every believer has a vocation that can be used of God, in that it ministers to others. Every believer is called, both men and women, to a task that is not always outwardly religious.


Ultimately, no one in the book of Genesis had a higher religious calling than the Patriarch, Joseph. For most of his life that vocation was worked out in a secular arena. He was using his gifts that God had given him. Everyone who comes to God is called of God in His providential plan for every believer. This is what we call, “A Prophetic Future.” When the gifts of the Spirit are enumerated in the New Testament, one of those gifts that's endowed to people is the gift of administration. Every organization--the church, a business, a sports team--has to be managed so that it allocates its resources in a productive way. The people who have those gifts are extremely important for the well-being of whatever the enterprise. It is not by accident that the question that I hear often from Christians is, "What is God's will for my life?" More often this quote is a question of calling or vocation than anything else. But the question we face so often is how can I best serve God? Many times our contribution to the Kingdom of God is greater where we are, than if we were to go into a religious ministry. Our secular vocation may be making a great impact on the Kingdom of God.


This very well could be the prophetic future for us, in that God will use our gifts and talents to bring us into arenas of faith that we could have never reached if we changed directions without the sovereign leading of God. Proverbs 18:16 teaches us that, “A man's gift makes a way for him, and brings him before great men”.  Follow your heart I say, and your passion, as long as that heart and passion never out-distances your love for God.