Spiritual Maturity

We are in a revolution, and I think everyone who is conscious at all is aware of that fact. It’s not a bloody revolution. It’s not an armed revolution, but it's a revolution nevertheless--one that is distinctly real and touches the lives of every Christian. The media calls it the “moral revolution,” and Christians are very much concerned about moral issues. Building a Chris-tian Conscience is only possible when the standards of the Word of God are in our hearts. Spiritual maturity is what is needed to build a conscience. This is what it takes to know how to make decisions that will help us and not hurt us. The writer of Hebrews makes this startling statement about having to continue to be “fed milk and not meat” because we do not take seriously the things that we are learning about God, and about how to live our lives clearly for our good and for God's pleasure.


If we continue to live our lives through the natural man, the soul man, we will continue to collect these vain imaginations and hindrances to our lives, and pack them away in the trailers we pull through life. The nature of sin is to hoard these bad decisions and hostilities against each other, and hurl them against the knowledge of Christ. Being spiritually mature is learning how to uncouple that trailer behind you that is filled with the baggage of life; baggage we have collected and suppressed due to not knowing what decisions to make for our good because of spiritual immaturity. We are to demolish arguments and vain imagin-ations in our minds, every idea that sets itself up against the knowledge of Christ. We are to take captive every thought, and make it obedient to Christ. We must be ready to punish (stop being a slave to) every ethical wrong standard the world believes. We must destroy every thought of moral indecency in our minds, because we should live our lives to please God and not man.  2 Corinthians 10:3-6

Jim LetiziaComment