The Call

     To build a spiritual house, we must worship God as “living stones”. How are we “living stones” if a stone is inert, as having no vitality flowing through it? Coming to Jesus is like coming to a “living stone”. When the disciples were rebuked for praising Jesus, He responded, "I tell you that if these disciples should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out" (Luke 19:40). What could be more impossible than that? Stones do not speak, because they are not alive, but when we come to Christ, we become a “stone that is alive”, separating the spiritual house from the secular house. Not only is Christ the “Stone” that is living and precious in the sight of our God, but also all who belong to Christ participate in His life as being “living stones”, chosen by God.

     This “Living Stone” to which we come has been the occasion for unbelievers to stumble. They trip over Christ. In their rejection of Christ, they miss the Kingdom of God. The “Stone” they reject is God who is declared the chief cornerstone of His Church. It is not by accident that the greatest attack on the Church is against the trustworthiness of sacred Scripture. It is the foundation of the Church, and if the foundation is shaken, the Church can’t endure. The prophets and the apostles are also the foundation of the Church, and that foundation was laid with a chief cornerstone, Christ Himself. This stumbling block, this “Stone” that the builders rejected and is despised by men, is precious to God. You are the Body of Christ, “living stones”, joined together and a holy temple in the Lord.

Jim LetiziaComment