Obedience to Truth

     The character of God is holy. The concept of holiness refers to purity. God's holiness involves His purity, His transcendent majesty, His otherness, and the sense in which God is different from anything in the created order. The term “holy” in the Old Testament was used when God consecrated a people, or a place, for a time, and set it apart because it was different. 

     People do not want truth to be objective. We do not want truth to be binding upon our consciences, because by nature truth is our enemy, and we do not want to submit to it. It is not enough simply to hear the truth. It is not enough even to recite the truth of the creeds. It is not enough to affirm our agreement with the propositions of the truth. I will never obey the truth of God apart from the power, grace, and assistance of the Spirit.  Though we live in a technologically secular based society, we must master truth and the change it brings to our lives without compromising what we believe. We must be clear, we must be motivated to move forward, we must be aligned properly with the Word of God that will always be our guide, and finally, we must be focused so that our purpose will always be clear and precise.

     Now let's get going with change without compromise that will be pleasing to God and exciting to a whole new generation that has yet to know the power of the Holy Spirit and the call to regeneration and salvation for their lives.

Jim LetiziaComment