Building a Spiritual House pt.1

     Coming to Christ includes initial repentance and faith, but it also implies a continual drawing near to God as well. Christ is the “Stone”. The image of the rock and stone is common in the Old Testament, and it is this metaphor that Jesus also applied to Himself, indicating that Christ is the source and giver of life. Jesus often uses imagery drawn from stone masonry, a trait He was intimately acquainted with as carpenters in antiquity worked with stones as well as with wood. The phrase “living stones” is a phrase emphasizing Christians’ union and resemblance to Christ as “living stones”. The background of the symbolism is the Old Testament temple as the house and dwelling place of God. The church, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, is now the true temple of God.

     Every true believer is a priest, in the sense of having equal and immediate access to God and serving Him personally. Our walk with Christ is characterized as being “alive like living stones”. Belonging to the family of “living stones” is our way of identification from the world. Jesus is the chief Cornerstone, a stone of stumbling for the world, and an offense to the unbelieving heart. If we, the “living stones”, do not praise Him, the very stones themselves would cry out (Luke 19:40).

Jim LetiziaComment