The War of the Worlds

     In the last 24 hours of Jesus' life He speaks of eternal truths and presents to us the Holy Spirit who will come to change the world. Jesus is preparing His disciples for the ultimate conflict and "the War of the Worlds". We think of this in a supernatural, sci-fi imagery that Jesus is masterful in presenting. Jesus spoke of the eschaton, those things referring to the end times in great detail, yet in mystery and an excitement for the Christian's future. John presents a Christ of the cosmos, portrayed in universal archetypes like water, bread, and light. Having created the universe itself, this "Word", Christ Himself enlightens every person. The images associated with Christ are equally cosmic, light, life, and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring people to spiritual birth and grace.

     Do you see the death of Christ on the cross at Calvary as a first step in His ascension to His heavenly throne and ultimate power to conquer the world of sin? Have you ever considered your life in context with your eternal existence with God? God's gift of the Holy Spirit given to every one who believes sets in motion a cosmic battle, "the War of the Worlds". It has now begun (John 16:1-14).

Jim LetiziaComment