The Renewed Mind

     When we speak of being spiritually transformed to the image of Christ, this will not happen overnight, but over time. God is going to change you. For those who come to Christ and have a desire to know God and Christ, a renewing of the mind must take place. The apostles James and Paul were eager to tell us that the mirror is a place that brings not only a reflection of who we really are, but also the reflection of the glory of God. The one who looks intently in the mirror can see the perfect law of God that gives freedom to those who seek Him, and who do not forget what they have heard in the Word of God.  By pondering the words of God, like one looking in the mirror, we will be blessed in what we do. Spiritual formation begins with a shift in our thinking about God, a shift from hearing what others say about God to, "do I know Him?" Do I know Him in an intimate way? Spiritual transformation can be defined as a process of increasingly reflecting the reality of the life of Christ in our own bodies. That is true conversion, a spiritual transformation, confessing and believing.

     Has a spiritual transformation taken place in your life? Do you recognize a change from when you conformed to the world view of living your life, to now conforming to the likeness of Christ? This is our benchmark, this is how the mirror will constantly remind us of what we once looked like to God, and what we now look like it to God.  Romans 12:1-2

Jim LetiziaComment