The Pursuit of Pleasure

     In the wisdom of man there is an inner drive for the pursuit of worldly pleasure that often becomes convoluted with covetousness and envy. In our study in the book of James, he tells us that we are now engaged in a world of warfare, quarreling and fighting among ourselves because of our desires for worldly pleasures that battle within us. We fail to receive because we do not ask, and even when we ask we do not receive because we ask for the wrong things and with the  wrong motives. The driving force is usually to want what we do not have. We think if we get what we don't have it will make us happy. However, God tells us that the secret to the happy life is in humility to God, that is to humble ourselves to the ways and the will of God. The result is that God gives grace to the humble, and the true pursuit of pleasure is then obtained.

Has the desire to have what you cannot get caused envy and covetousness toward others?

     Jesus gives grace and shows favor to the humble and meek. If we humble ourselves to the will of God, our pursuit for pleasure will be satisfied, and He will show His favor to those who do so. What pleasures do you strive for? Are they pleasing to God, and would God show favor or opposition? Maybe it's time to make a new list, to ask ourselves what is it that makes us happy in our pursuit of pleasure.

Jim LetiziaComment