The Prisoner of Fear

     Metaphorically speaking, you may have heard the phrase, “You sound like a broken record”. The prison of fear includes the notion that fear produces questions of uncertainty and indecision. Specifically, the essence of fear can be summed up in, “What if?" Like a scratch on an old vinyl album that causes the needle to bump again and again, and again, with the words repeating themselves, "What if I try and fail, what if I never find someone to love me, what if I lose my job, what if they laugh at me", etc. etc. etc. The devil is the master of this question, “What if?" Such a phrase can strike fear into the heart of the believer. To those who suffer from fear of just about everything, the words, "what if", never seem to go away. It's like wading in the shallow end of the pool, wondering what it might be like to venture out into the deep end, but the fear of the "what if" is too great.  It keeps us from living our lives to their full potential, and according to God's call and purpose.

     The answer to this dilemma is, “God is”. We're afraid because it would cost us to step out in faith believing God, but I can assure you that it will cost you more if you don't. Ask God to make your own application to your own life in this scenario. A life of faith is not staying in the shallow end, but trusting God to venture into the deep end where God is waiting for you. Sometimes even at the very bottom of the deepest fear we have is God, who is there to carry us to the surface that we might reach our full potential in His calling for our lives.

     Do you feel lost in a prison of fear, thinking of "what" would happen to me, "if" I were to venture out into uncharted waters. What we need to remember is that God's love casts out fear. Walking with God must be veiled in love for God and trust in God. He is waiting for us to step out, leaving our fears behind, no longer plagued by the words, “what if", but holding on to the words, “God is".

Jim LetiziaComment