The Price of Blood

     The values of the Kingdom of heaven are different from the patterns of the world. A new concept for living in the Kingdom is to recognize and realize that we don't relate to each other alone but with the sense of Christ's presence always with us. Kingdom living now takes us into the ethics of understanding what it means to be living as Christ would instruct us. The disciples argued about who would be greatest in the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus answered by calling a child to His knee and used the child as an object lesson. One can only come to the Kingdom by being converted and becoming as a child, for such are great in Kingdom terms. Secondly, the innocent always suffer for the guilty. Forgiveness creates the deepest awareness of sin, we can't change the facts. Forgiveness costs the innocent one, for he resolves the issue in love. Forgiveness conditions one to forgive others, for he is forever accountable for his privilege of freedom. Thirdly, we learn how to extend God's forgiveness. To forgive over and over again.

     How much value would you place on Jesus' blood, to forgive you over and over again? As the parable in Matthew 18 says, "Should you not have also showed compassion to forgive, like the one who forgave you did"?

Jim LetiziaComment