The Leper

     The basic foundation of Christianity is having a personal relationship with God in the Person of Jesus Christ. The relationship we desire with the Lord is the same relationship that Jesus had with His Father. Jesus often left the company of His disciples to find a solitary place to pray. We could say this was the richness of His interior life with God.

     The emphasis here is the supreme priority of prayer. Nothing else is more important. However, it seems that busy people tend to pray less. Just the opposite occurred with Jesus. The busier He got, the more He prayed. The second advance in His ministry was His external ministry to others around Him. Jesus accomplished this through the ministry of the word. Jesus called people to be converted. Repentance unto conversion. I am insufficient in myself, I'm  flawed, I'm  weak. I need God, I need grace. The most interesting thing about conversion is that I literally change places with Jesus. In the story of Jesus healing the leper, the leper and Jesus have changed places. Because of the leper's sin, the leper who used to have to be in lonely places is in the city proclaiming God's power to heal, and Jesus who used to be able to stay in the city has to go out into lonely places.

     Do you see a picture here of your own life at your conversion to Christ? It's the same picture of what happens at the end of Jesus' life, because at the end of His life He is crucified outside the gate on the garbage dump. He is taken out to the place of the lepers, He becomes unclean. He is excluded so we can be taken in. "God made him sin, who knew no sin, that we might become the righteousness of God in him."  God loved you so much that He has allowed you to change places with Christ.

Jim LetiziaComment