The Invisible Hand

     God can bring special circumstances to our lives, where initially things can look really bad, but in time and with understanding, our lives will still be a glory to God. Instead of whining or complaining about our lot in life, we worship the God of heaven for His mercy on us and His provisions for us. We realize that ultimately my well-being is in the hands of God.

     Do you feel a loss of control at times when it comes to thinking of your future? I realize that I do not control my destiny or my future, though Jesus never prohibited the exercise of responsible stewardship. However, this is not my world: it is my Father's world. We are not to be frantic about our future needs. We are not to live in the bondage of worry. Our worry and anxiety are to be tempered by our confidence in the providence of God. The invisible hand of God will guide us through the challenges of life. As Jesus taught in the sermon on the mount,  "His eye is on the sparrow, but He also watches over me"

Jim LetiziaComment