The Great Change

     One of our great pioneers of the faith was William Wilberforce. His heroic campaign to end slavery in Great Britain sparked a modern day movie called "Amazing Grace". William Wilberforce's conversion to Christianity in 1785 was what he called his "Great Change". As he writes, it was without question for him the central and most important event of his life. Indeed, as far as Wilberforce was concerned faith in Jesus Christ was the central and most important thing in life itself. For us today the most important aspect of life itself is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone who is known by God will come to a "great change" in their life as well. Without this change Christianity becomes nothing more than a social or political nuance.

     Do you know with certainty that your life has changed as a result of knowing Christ?  Believing in the belief of something is not a conversion. There must be real change. This will be evident by our behavior and love for one another as well as for life itself. Ask yourself, has a "great change" happened in my life?  Let us all experience the joy that is in the journey as the great change takes form and function within our lives.

Jim LetiziaComment