The Demoniac

     There are many desperate encounters with Jesus throughout the New Testament, none more exhilarating than His encounter with the demoniac in the region of the Gerasenes. There are three things we can learn from an encounter with evil.  First, the complexity of evil; second, there is a pattern of how evil works in a life; and third, how evil can be defeated. Because of evil activity all around us in the world, many psychological and sociological problems exist as a result. Depression, guilt, and shame are just a few of the discouragements that we face because of evil, often manifested through demonic oppression. If we make anything more important in our lives than the Lord Jesus Christ, it becomes our master. We have made a pact with it. This is how evil works its way into our lives. It is a slow gradual process of being oppressed and even controlled by evil, demonic oppression.

     What is your heart centering on? What is the real thing that makes you feel great about yourself? Whatever it is, that will be your master. In Bob Dylan's famous album, "Slow Train Coming," he sings, "It might be the devil or it might be the Lord, but you have to serve somebody."  We defeat evil and demonic oppression by recognizing the source of power in our lives, and if it is not Jesus, then there must be a breaking of that power. In the name of Jesus, by His shed blood, and the power of His Holy Spirit, we have victory over evil. Center yourself around His power and evil will flee.

Jim LetiziaComment