The Alpha Point

     Many scientists today have asserted that the Cosmos (as we know it now) is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be. However, we know as Christian believers that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the God of the Cosmos. He created this earth for the redemption of man in a double imputation from sin to righteousness. That is we gave Christ our sin and He gave us His righteousness. We currently face a collision of two world views, one of Secularism and one of Christian Faith. Secularism translates humanity in terms of the now, the world in this time. The secularists are saying, "This time is all there is, there is no eternity". The believer in the God of the Cosmos says, "We long for eternity".  Do you see the conflict between these two world views? However, even though biblical authority is given from the perspective of the eternal, the Church is always called to be actively involved with the secular. We have no other arena in which to work. The success of Christian ministry is in "the here and the now". Christianity may distinguish time from eternity, but it never divorces them.

     Are you passionately concerned and involved with the secular community? To quit evangelizing this world because of Secularism is to betray the most elemental principles of the Christian view of creation and redemption. It is this world, this time, the secular, over which God is sovereign and Christ is King.

Jim LetiziaComment