Strange Fire

     The holiness of God shares no compromise when we come before God in our times of worship. God makes that clear when He states, "Among those who approached me, I will be proved holy: in the sight of all the people I will be honored" (Lev. 10:3). Thoughthe lives of men and women are precious to God, they are not as precious as His glory. The glory of His Name is thousands times more precious to God than the lives of thousands of people. This may be hard to fathom, but just because we feel close to God, have served God for many years, and sinned against God, we should not expect to be spared from testing.  Do not think that God will spare us from our trials because we are professing Christians, or because we worship Him often. God shall have the glory of His Holiness above all other things. In the holiness of God there appears to be the glory of God above all. He will show Himself to be a holy God.

     Do you understand what it means to worship God in His Holiness? The fundamental principle of worship is determined not by what is pleasing to us, but what is pleasing to God! God must be regarded as holy by anyone who comes near Him.

     When you come into the presence of God, consider the nature of the God whom you are approaching, and that you come to Him only because you are covered by the righteousness of Christ.

Jim LetiziaComment