Pushing Through My Fears

     The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This truth is a biblical standard for those who follow after the ways of God. However, fear also can be a terrible oppression in the lives of many, and we must learn how to overcome fear. One of these ways is to heed the warnings of God in our lives. What we need to know is that God does not make threats, but He does give warnings. A warning from the Lord versus a threat from the enemy. How do I know the difference? God's warnings are always rooted in truth. The devil's threats are routed in lies. When God gives us warnings it is for our protection, because possibly we are not ready for the task ahead without further prayer. That is a warning from God to not proceed in this case. A threat from the devil suggests that we are never going to be ready to please God. Condemnation brings fear.

     Do you find your self discouraged because of so many obstacles rooted in fear? We must learn to push through the fear to gain victory for our lives. We must expel the fear by looking beyond the devil's threats. Remember, the devil's threats are never rooted in truth, but only in lies. By the blood of Jesus and the power of His Holy Spirit we have victory over our fears. Push through your fears and see God's truth on the other side of fear.

Jim LetiziaComment