Living on Broadway

     In today's world, secular humanism has become a popular philosophy. It deals with the idea that all there is in this world is the here and the now. The Christian view of the Eternal is under attack, and those who believe in the God of the Cosmos believe in the eternal realm of God and His Kingdom. All humanistic philosophies have one thing in common - skepticism with respect to the supernatural, and to God. But if we take God out of the equation, there is no way to come to the ultimate reality of an absolute truth of God and His eternal dwelling place. We must be satisfied with the here and the now.

     Jesus claimed that the road was narrow and the gate was small that leads to eternal life, but broad is the way and wide is the gate that leads to destruction. With this being said, many people today are "living on Broadway". Their thinking is based on a secular view that just being a good person should get them to heaven, and only if they believe in heaven. The ambiguity and uncertainty of that thought is scary. Christians are accused of being narrow-minded in their thought that there is only one God, and only one way to God. Being narrow-minded to an unbeliever is the epitome of arrogance and exclusivity. To an unbeliever their supreme virtue is broad-mindedness, for to claim exclusivity for truth is to be guilty of the worst politically incorrect sin, that of narrow-mindedness.

     According to Jesus, being narrow-minded is the very path and road to the Kingdom of God. "Living on Broadway" will never get us to God, but only make us, for a short period of time, feel like we have the world on a string.

     Which road do you travel? Which road do you believe many travel today in their pursuit of eternal understanding? This thought should provoke us to prayer and drop us to our knees in praise and thanksgiving to a Holy God who justifies us by faith and faith alone. Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven?

Jim LetiziaComment