Living a Fear-Free Life

     Fear: good, bad or both. We want to focus on the idea that we can live a fear-free life. Jesus tells us that He will walk with us through the storm. You may be going through a storm right now, you may have just come out of the storm, or you may be about to go into a storm. The fact is everyone has to deal with the storm. We don't have to fear what we face in the storms of life when we know who we are trusting in. Jesus can speak to your storm, "Peace be still". Elijah was afraid which was very unusual for him after accomplishing such great and mighty things for God. He had to come to grips with the fact that God is not moved by the fear that can overwhelm us. Fear has kept many of us from being public about our faith. Fear has kept many of us from speaking words of forgiveness to someone who has hurt us. Fear has kept many of us from committing to a relationship.

     Are you ready to be free from fear once and for all?  Our first step is to learn how to deal with fear when it takes our strength. We will need to stand on the mountain with God and listen to the still small voice that will guide us away from our fears. We need to always remember to run to God and not from God so that we will be going in the right direction with God. Remember, fear has no power in us, no power over us, and should not stay in a house where the presence of Christ resides. Remember that the prayer of faith is a prayer of trust. Living a fear-free life is not impossible for those who walk with Christ.

Jim LetiziaComment