Jesus, the Sick, and the Dead

     Desperate encounters demand desperate measures. As we look at Jesus, and the sick and the dead, it is apparent when we follow Jesus that He does the unexpected. Just when we think God is going to do something for us that we have asked, a detour appears and something else interrupts the flow. In the story of Jairus, his dying daughter, and a woman who has been sick for many years, bring a lesson learned that Jesus is never in a hurry. We think that Jesus' top priority is to heal a little girl who was dying, only to find Him distracted by a woman who touches His robe, and Jesus' mission to heal Jairus' daughter is delayed.

     As a result Jairus is made to wait, and his faith is strengthened as he sees the power of God. The woman is commended for her great faith in spite of her reputation.  The blessing for us is that Jesus will strengthen our faith as we learn to wait on Him and let His plan supersede our own.

Jim LetiziaComment