Intensions of the Heart

     The teaching of the providence of God is illustrated many times throughout the Scripture.  None is greater than the story of Joseph who becomes for us a life lesson in the battle of the wills - how a coat of technicolor can change the course of events for both good and evil. The drama of the story is found in Genesis 50 where we read of Joseph's response to his brothers' evil actions against him, "What you meant for evil, God meant for good".  This is a demonstration of God's sovereignty and intervention in the affairs of men for His ultimate glory and further evidence that the God of Providence governs all things, in every creature, and all of their actions. We live and move and have our being as a result of God's creation of all creatures one and all.

     Do you know the love of Christ? I if your answer is yes, then God chose you and is involved in every circumstance and situation of your life. Even when evil intentions overwhelm our day God's ultimate intention is for our good.

Jim LetiziaComment