From Dead to Alive

     On my spiritual journey there have been many stages of growth along the way. The first recognizable difference from the Christian view and the world view is that we were once dead in our sins, but now we are made alive in Christ. Paul says that we are saved by grace through faith and not of works lest anyone would boast. This doctrine of regeneration is an act of God and not of ourselves. Paul says we were dead, and being dead is an eternal state. Only when we recognize the magnitude of our depravity, that we were born into sin, that our innocence is taken away and we are without excuse. The demonic forces and principalities and powers of the air significantly hold us to a world view where men continue to think that they can live without God. Our sins come from our sin nature, not from a poor environment. We do not understand the sinfulness of our sin because we think we are innocent and our environment somehow has made us go wrong. We never consider that being saved and having a transformation of our mind is what we need. We don't recognize how desperate we are for a radical redemption. We say we don't need good news, we just need good advice.

     How can I get along better in this world? The beginning point of my spiritual journey is to recognize the grace of God and His salvation to us because of His great love for us. Therefore, we are no longer dead, but we are made alive in Christ.

     Do you have a Christian experience? My worldly desires can be transformed to a desire that is totally dependent on God and His mercy to keep me on my guard against my sin nature. We still have weaknesses, but we should never be afraid of the world or the principality and powers of the air that control it because we are alive and not dead.

Jim LetiziaComment