In our day a controversy exists about what proper worship is. Liturgical worship literally means "order of service", where there is a structure for the service. The same can be said for formal worship and informal worship. Informal means without form, so how can you have corporate worship without form? All worship follows some kind of form, and every form is an art form of some kind. It would stand to reason then that every form is an art form, and every art form communicates something. The question is what type of liturgy or what type of form will there be in our worship.

     Historically the problem has never been with liturgy or form, the problem has been with the worshiper. Jesus called out the Pharisees, who went through all the outward rights, and all the outward liturgy that God had prescribed, but their hearts were not in it. It is for that reason that they simply skated on the surface of superficial lip service to God as Jesus said, "This people honors me with their lips but their hearts are far from me".  God despises any worship that doesn't come from the heart; orforms of worship that don't move the soul. It's not about whether you have a liturgy or not. The question is, is the liturgy sound in its content? Is it heart felt and from our spirit? Is it biblical in it's content? And ultimately, are we worshiping according to this liturgy in spirit and in the truth? If we find ourselves bored with the liturgy, it's because we do not understand what we want to communicate to God in our time of worship. We must get that clear.  Don't get caught up in lip service, like the Pharisees, or decadent experiments in worship because it seems cool and different like Aaron's sons did in offering strange fire at the altar.  It cost them their lives.

     Do you have a sense of seriousness in your time of worship with the Lord? Follow a sound liturgy when presenting yourself before the Lord in worship.  Let us become worshipers who know how to worship in spirit and in truth.

Jim LetiziaComment