Facing Our Fears

     In this new series, ”Fear: good, bad, or both", we can learn to face our fears. The key verse is in 1 John 4:18, "Perfect love drives out fear". There are two concepts here that on the surface seem like opposing views. However, with proper foundational teaching and understanding, these concepts can lead us to a freedom from fear altogether. The first one is that the child of God should never live in fear of what life brings his or her way. The only limit that fear can place on our lives, is what we allow fear to control in our lives, based on our misunderstanding of God's love. The second one is that  a fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, and that God's love casts out fear. The question we are then compelled to ask is, "How can God command me to love Him and fear Him at the same time?" The fear of the Lord is a holy fear, to revere God, because of His supremacy over all things. To love God is to know that His perfect love will cast out every fear that is keeping us from knowing and living in God's love.
     Do you find it difficult to face your fears? Without knowing the perfect love of God it would be impossible. However, when our fears meet God's love, that love takes up residence in our hearts and says to fear, “You've got to go”. The perfect love of God casts out fear.

Jim LetiziaComment