Doers - Not Hearers of the Word

     Often times we hear, and yet listening is apparently lacking. To be able to listen is a learned skill. In our new study in the book of James we are encouraged to listen to the Word of God in our lives. However, not merely listening to the word of God, but doing the word of God as well. Anyone who listens to God's word but treats it as if it were just a tradition, or as James calls it, "religious expression", does not walk in a relationship with God that will amount to any purpose or blessing. The good intentions by many will not produce works of righteousness or anything of value to God if we are not acting upon the things that we know about God.

     Are you going through the motions in your relationship with God, or is there a serious attempt to act upon what God is saying to you? James reminds us that the blessings given by God are given to those who are active doers of the word. To hear it and not act upon it are like those who look at themselves in the mirror and, after looking at themselves, immediately forget what they look like. In other words, they have no depth or understanding of the importance and power of God's Word in their lives.   How does this impact your life for God?

Jim LetiziaComment