A Wake Up Call

     A profession of faith without possession of faith is not having what I need. Possessing what I profess is what I want to have in my walk with Christ. We do not want to come to God unprepared. When we close our eyes in death and breathe our last breath on this earth, the next face we will see is the face of Jesus, and He may say, "Who are you?" We don't know the day or the hour of our own death. We are to be prepared as Christian people for His coming either at the end of our lives, or at His return at the end of the age. Jesus tells the parable of the ten virgins who were invited to the wedding feast of the Lord as bridesmaids, where five were wise, and five were not. The five who were not very wise did not bring enough oil for their lamps and fell asleep. Realizing they would not have enough to get through the darkness to the place of the wedding, they would have to get more oil for their lamps. While they were away, the bridegroom came to the feast. The doors were shut and these five unwise maidservants were left in the outer darkness. This is one of the scariest parables that Jesus speaks. Its meaning for us is that we need to be sure that our profession of faith is not met with uncertainty. All ten of these maidservants were invited to the feast, which indicates that they were part of the Church. These were not pagan women. All ten thought they were safe and secure in the arms of Jesus their bridegroom. However, Jesus said to those five who were foolish in their assumption that they could walk in late, "I don't know who you are!"

     Everyone who makes a profession of faith is invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb, but not everyone will enjoy it. This has great significance for our lives. Jesus' death and resurrection occurred that we could make a profession of faith that He is Lord of all. But it requires more than just a profession of saying the words. It means that we will follow Christ, believe in Christ and acknowledge Him in our lives until our dying breath. A profession of faith in Christ acknowledges the change that has occurred in our lives. To know God is not just a good feeling, or a better way to live our lives, but certainty to those whose hearts are converted. The reason we will not be shut out is because our trust is in Christ alone for our salvation, and our lives reflect that change. We will then be prepared at His coming. Bless God!

Jim LetiziaComment