A New Year's Resolution

     Each year a New Year's resolution is the trademark for an ambitious person who seeks to better themselves for the coming year.  There are four principles for making a New Year's resolution, which has been the hallmark of the Reformed Church since the Reformation itself.

     First, we must desire to resolve sensibly, that is with genuine prayer and thorough study of God's word. Our resolutions must be in accord with the word of God.

     Secondly, we must resolve dependently, that is we are unable to do anything without God's help. We must understand that in being able to do all things through Christ who strengthens us means that we must depend on His strength continuously in order to do all things and to keep all our resolutions.

     Thirdly, we should resolve humbly to approach Him with humble reliance on His grace as we seek not merely the blessings, but the One who blesses.

     Fourthly, we should resolve for Christ's sake. We cannot resolve to do anything with a presumptuous attitude before God. The whole matter of making resolutions is not just goal setting so that we might have happier lives. We are called by God to live according to his will, not our own - for Christ’s sake - not our own.

For it is not unto us, but unto Him that all glory belongs.

Jim LetiziaComment