A Diamond in the Rough

     To live a life that is pleasing and that is exciting requires finding the passion for life itself. It is like finding a diamond in the rough, where most would pass it by thinking it is nothing more than an old object, worthless and unworthy of attention. But to the trained eye the diamond in the rough becomes a point of excellence in one's life. It is like finding the pearl of excellence in Jesus' parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl. When passion dies our sword becomes dull and ineffective. The Kingdom of Heaven is like finding a great passion that consumes our thoughts and ways. What ensues is a life of excellence because of this newfound treasure. Its presence in our life will bring us to a deep understanding of God's love for us and his desire for us to be Kingdom dwellers, with the understanding that Kingdom living now is my greatest asset.

     Do you struggle to find purpose and meaning in your life? Let God take you on a journey to find the secret places of His hidden treasure. The Kingdom of Heaven is already in your midst, in your grasp, or if you will, already within you! The first step to a pursuit of excellence is to become passionate with the pearl of great price already within you. It is a gift to those who love God and to those who desire God. Look deep within and see that it is right in front of you. Jesus, abide in us!

Jim LetiziaComment