When Words are Not Enough

     In this third post-resurrection appearance of Christ, we find the disciples trying to make sense of their lives without Jesus. Peter's disappointment and guilt, along with the rest of the disciples feeling failure and fear, take them to their first love of fishing in the Galilee.  As Jesus confronts them, He empowers them with the work of the Holy Spirit.  The questions Jesus asks of Peter (“Peter, do you love me?”) are asked for a specific reason. Jesus wants to know that Peter understands the twofold mission ahead of him when words are not enough.  Not only to say,  “I will follow you,"  but to be equipped to feed His sheep. The mission is not only to evangelize, to "catch fish," but also to disciple, to take care of His "lambs." Jesus begins to instruct His disciples on the work of the Holy Spirit that they must receive and understand in order to accomplish the task before them, of making disciples in all the nations.

     On your journey to follow Christ, do you sense that you are all alone, or left feeling short of what you need to say or do to please the Lord? The Scriptures tell us that no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God (see 1 Cor. 2:10–11).  The work of the Holy Spirit is to reveal truth to us and to bring us to salvation. The Holy Spirit reveals spiritual truth for our sanctification; that is to be made more like Christ. Sounds like mission impossible, doesn't it? But we know that all things are possible for those who love Christ.

Today's journey with Christ will begin with our preparation for ministry and the mission that is set before us.

Jim LetiziaComment