Waiting on God

     The art of waiting is sometimes misunderstood and ignored. The Word of God tells us that if we wait upon the Lord our strength shall be renewed. No one likes to wait, especially when we feel inconvenienced because we have more important things to do. God obviously has built into the the idea of "waiting" unappreciated blessing and life-changing opportunities for those who master the art. The prophet Isaiah concluded this thought by saying, β€œteach me Lord to wait”. If this is true, then there is an underlying blessing in taking the time necessary to wait on God and listen for his instruction.

     Do you find it frustrating when you have to wait, and do you become agitated beyond control when faced with a waiting situation? Consider a different viewpoint, and take the opportunity when confronted with waiting to hear from God. Why not ask God what the wait is for and see if he will not give a new perspective on the art of waiting!

Jim LetiziaComment