The Work of the Holy Spirit

     In this new series entitled “The Outpouring”, we now look at what we call, "the work of the Holy Spirit”. The Holy Spirit brings to us first to salvation, and secondly, reveals spiritual truth for our sanctification. Thirdly, no one can enter the Kingdom of heaven unless he is born of water and of the Spirit, for the Spirit gives birth to spirit, and no one can say "Jesus is Lord" except by the Holy Spirit. John's gospel is clear that these are three important factors in the revelation of truth. The idea of a Comforter within us helps to minimize our struggle with the sin nature. The Paraclete, (Para, "along side us", and Kletos, "to call you to witness"), refers to God functioning alongside of us, as well as our call to witness the gospel of Jesus. The function of the Holy Spirit is to encourage us, become an Advocate for us, and a Judge to condemn death and despair from us. 
     Do you see the Holy Spirit in you as your Advocate and Counselor, or do you consider God to be far away in your way of thinking? Let me encourage you to look deep within yourself as a believer in Jesus, and see the work that God has already accomplished in you. You are precious to Him as He abides in you and you abide in Him. What a privilege we have to be called children of God and to know the One who is the true lover of my soul. The work of the Holy Spirit begins in you, and leading a Spirit-filled life empowers us to be pleasing to God. This is the first and foremost importance of “the outpouring of the Holy Spirit".

Jim LetiziaComment