The Waiting Room

     Waiting can be very difficult to do. In the fast-paced world in which we live, we are hurried through life most of the time. We are prone to take matters into our own hands and at times our lives become the result of many decisions that God had never intended for us. Here lies the test of what it means to wait on God. Waiting necessitates the passage of time for most everything in our lives. How we use the time waiting is crucial in hearing God's voice. Waiting means being focused on who God is and what God is doing. Why is it so hard to wait? Part of the answer is hidden in our fallen nature, where we are so prone to take matters into our own hands. We follow our own schemes in masterminding our lives, plotting, and planning. In a society where we are accustomed to immediate gratification, waiting can be a frustrating experience. However, the remedy for our dilemma is understanding that waiting involves resting in God's timing. As a result the benefits of waiting on the Lord are many. Being content in ever circumstance, getting along with humble means, and in prosperity.

     Do you find yourself unable to wait for almost anything? This is a fault that can be remedied when we learn to rest in God's timing. Does the passage of time make you feel like you have wasted that time, or do you see it as an opportunity for God to speak? Waiting can bring excitement and anticipation of God's blessing. As the psalmist says, “but those who wait in the Lord will inherit the land.” (Psalm 37: 9)

Jim LetiziaComment