The Sending Gospel

     The most important element in the Christian faith is hearing and acting upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The "Gospel" as we refer to it can be a cause of confusion or bewilderment. To help clarify and simplify, the gospel is the story of Jesus and what He did.

    A more Theological definition of the gospel would be this- we are justified by God, through faith, and faith alone, according to Paul's statement in Romans 1:17. The heart of the message is that Jesus died and rose again for our salvation. The challenge to all of us who have heard the gospel is to know the message of Jesus is our responsibility to share with others.

     In our text this week, Acts 10:1-21, Cornelius was confronted with the Angel of the Lord to seek out Peter who would know what to say to him about the Gospel. Rather than the angel of the Lord telling Cornelius, God chose to send Peter on a journey to a strange environment to speak the words of salvation and hope.

     To whom do you think God is sending you with this message? Be ready to share the gospel. You never know when God will intervene and send you out.

Jim LetiziaComment