The Rut of Routine

     When we wait on the Lord it helps to know what we are waiting for. One of the keys to the ongoing process of waiting is to learn to keep a single and consistent focus on God as the source of life. Secondly, our motivation must be high when waiting for God to speak into our lives. Without motivation to wait we can fall into what I call the, "rut of routine."  An old bible teacher long ago taught us, "the only difference between a grave and a rut, is a rut has the ends knocked out." Waiting on God can bring about terrible boredom, apathy, and complacency. Seemingly traveling down the road to nowhere. To focus and recite who God is and what He is, can motivate us to actually enjoy waiting for Him to speak into our situation. But, we must be patient and excited about the opportunity before us. The Psalmist once again gives us direction when he sets the agenda for us, "for I will wait on thy name, for it is good."(Ps 52:9)  There is something in the name!

     Do you have anything to wait on God for? Do you wait with a sense of motivation to do so? If you do, then I might suggest that waiting is your opportunity to see God at work, focusing on the opportunity until God becomes clear.  God is more interested in what we are doing and thinking of Him, and for Him while we wait, and not as concerned for the destination we seek. Enjoy the ride. "Therefore, return to your God, observe kindness and justice, and wait continuously for your God."(Hosea12:6)  The benefits to waiting on God are many. Waiting strengthens, enables, sustains and satisfies. Lets get going!

Jim LetiziaComment